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» Comics - Welp. What is wrong with me - January 6th, 2013, 11:18 pm

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Author Comments:

MrJonesSoda, January 6th, 2013, 11:29 pm

Wow I didn't realize this comic has over 2000 fans!!!
So yeah.... here's a redraw of an old page. Bet you didn't expect to see this comic in your update box hahahahahahahahah!!!! That's cause it's not actually updating.

Yeah, this comic has gone through like 3 style changed since its reboot. Not proud of that one bit. If I did another reboot, it would be in this style and not change every other page, haha.

That being said, the final reboot isn't going to be the story you all know. It's not even going to be set in the same time period. I've had this part of the story planned out since I created version 2 of the comic but never really told anyone and it was just going to be like a flashback... now I want to make it its own story!! I'll post more about it later if you guys are still interested at all.

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User Comments:

AlexYoshida, January 6th, 2013, 11:47 pm

woah, I was surprised to see this XD If you do another reboot/new version, that'd be nifty =3

jadeann, January 7th, 2013, 12:42 am

I'm like Alex. I was really surpised to see this with the updates. I still really like this comic.

Sabriel19, January 7th, 2013, 1:06 am

I'm defiantly interested in seeing what you come up with. I really liked this comic, so I'm sure I'll like seeing the new version.

A v e r y, January 7th, 2013, 4:44 am

ahhhhhh :D updateee

Cheshire_Cat'semocuts, January 7th, 2013, 7:19 am

I miss this comic! Please continue it? I don't mind if you change the style... as long as it sticks to the original ^^

WampirekSama, January 7th, 2013, 7:58 am

woaaah! Welcome back ; w ;"""

MrJonesSoda, January 7th, 2013, 3:14 pm

The new version I want to create isn't going to stick to the original though... it's going to be a completely new story. Well, the story itself isn't new to me but it'll be new to all of you haha~!

A v e r y, January 7th, 2013, 4:39 pm

I'd love to get back into VV !!!! <3

I want to see what happens w/ loth and christian and everyone we didnt see ! <3

MrJonesSoda, January 7th, 2013, 10:07 pm

@A v e r y
yes yes the new version will include Loth right away and it's going to be spectacular!!

Cheshire_Cat'semocuts, January 8th, 2013, 7:53 am

No!!!!!!!!! I like this story :( I don't wanna try a new one! *cries like a big baby* Oh well I guess. *sighs* I hope it will be just as good. I came to this one more because of the whole making a contract with the devil (or human contracting with a vampire as the case were) idea. That looked awesome. :P

Yurama, January 8th, 2013, 12:25 pm

Omg, I was shocked to see this in my updated comics. xD Just yesterday, actually, I was looking through them and I saw that this one hadn't updated in a very long time. I considered deleting it, but noticing I had comics that hadn't updated in an even longer time, I decided not to. x3

Good thing, too. I'm still very interested in the story line, even if you change it. Good luck to you! :)

RikakoChan, January 8th, 2013, 4:35 pm

First, Let me just say that I was both extremely surprised and excited to see this in my update box. Second, I'm looking forward to seeing the new re-booted version. 'Vampire Valchrist' was actually how I came across Smackjeeves nearly five or so years ago. So I'm most then happy to see that you havent given up on it yet.

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